The Capsco Family

Our Outlook

Capsco is more than just another spice company. We are obsessed with peppers and are on an adventure to explore the diverse breeds (and crossbreeds) that exist around the world. You'll find us in the kitchen combining the art and science that make food exciting.

Capsco embraces this obsession and believes that adventures are great alone, but better shared. So we hope you'll be our friend along the way :)

Meet the Founders

We are Saul & Matthew, the father and son co-founders of Capsco.

Ever since I can remember we have always been pepper fanatics. I recall loving spicy things when I was just a kid going out to get wings with friends and family. That being said, my dad is the real spice king in the family. I definitely owe my creativity in the kitchen and open mindedness to trying new things and pushing boundaries to him.

Capsco began in a backyard garden in Huntsville, AL where Saul (my dad and co-founder) grows all sorts of hot peppers. We look forward to pushing the boundaries of the pepper world and hopefully inspiring you to try out some new things along the way!