Spice Up Your Cocktails

Rip: Open pouch and remove one infuser.

Dip: Place infuser into your drink & let it steep. Like you would with a normal tea bag.

Sip: Drink and enjoy!

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  • Simple & Clean

    You won't find preservatives in our products, just peppers!

  • Unique & Premium Peppers

    It started with an obsession for peppers, farming, and food science. Now we use 12 pepper varietals in our current products.

  • Low Calorie, Lots of Flavor

    We believe everything taste better with a little personality. We have grown and tasted over 30+ peppers to bring you something interesting.

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Our Take on Pepper Flakes

Why do we love pepper flakes? It's the ability to add heat and subtle flavor without overpowering our food.

My dad, and our co-founder (Saul) has always grown a bunch of unique peppers in his garden. One day he asked, "how are there so many different types of peppers, but not many unique blends of pepper flakes?" This is how our first product was born.

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