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Spicy Cocktail Infusers | The Classic Infuser (10 count)

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Spicy cocktail lover? Have you ever spent half the night muddling peppers to make spicy margaritas for you and your friends?

We set out to find an easier, quicker, tastier, and more fun way to spice up your drinks. Our infusers let you infuse any drink—from cocktails and mocktails to a simple glass of juice.


African Birds Eye Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Red Cayenne Pepper

How Long Do I Steep?

This is the part where you have fun with it! We have provided some guidelines below for people just getting started. Remember, you can always throw your infuser back into any drink and make it spicier.

Steeping Guideline Estimates (for individual cocktails)

~30 secs: Mild

~1 min: Medium

~2 mins: Medium/Hot

~3-4 mins: We like to call this "just right"

*You can also just leave it in while you sip.*

  • The Spicy Marg

    A spicy marg is more than just a few pickled or fresh jalapenos sliced on the top. Our infusers let you customize the spice level of your drink in seconds.

  • Spice up Juices

    Orange juice, grapefruit juice, pineapple-cran juice.. you get the point. Maybe a splash of vodka or tequila too.

  • Bloody Marys

    1) Place Classic Infuser in cup

    2) Add Ice

    3) Add vodka

    4) Add bloody mary mix

    5) Add bacon/celery/olives

Party Pitchers

While our infusers work great for individual drinks, another popular use amongst our friends is to create their own infused pitchers of margaritas or liquors in minutes.