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Capsco Smoked Out Pepper Flake Blend

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This chili pepper flake blend will add a subtle–but noticeable–smoky heat to your food.

The Chipotle Morita pepper in this blend gives it some smoky and sweet notes while the Aji Rocoto pepper gives it some fresh/earthy notes.


  • Aji Rocoto Pepper: This pepper is one of the oldest of domesticated chili peppers in the Americas. It is believed that this pepper might have been domesticated as early as 6,000 BCE. While the Rocoto is native to Peru, this pepper grows widely in the Andes mountains from Columbia to Chile and in the highlands of Mexico.
  • Chipotle Morita Pepper: This dried and smoked version of a red jalapeno chili pepper is native to Northern Mexico. Smoking jalapenos can be dated back to the Aztecs, who would smoke jalapenos in the Xalapa, Mexico region to prepare them as a source of food for scarce crop seasons.


  • Grilled Meats: You can add these into a rub, use as part of a marinade, or just lather them on a piece of meat by themselves.
  • Sauces & Salsas: These add a good depth and subtle heat to any sauce or salsa that you are making from scratch–or shake up a store bought product
  • Chils and soups: You can add these into your chilis and soups while you are cooking, but these also make for a great topping to add on at the end so each individual can customize how spicy they would like their bowl to be.
  • Salads: Pepper flakes are an extremely versatile topping. There is a reason why so many build-your-own bowl and salad restaurants have pepper flakes as a topping. The difference is that Capsco uses premium peppers and has multiple different flavor profiles for you to choose from.
  • Olive oil & bread: throw some olive oil on a plate, add some Smoked Out flakes, and cut up a french baguette for dipping.


~35,000-50,000 SHUs


Aji Rocoto Pepper, Chipotle Morita Pepper

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Smoked Out Pepper Flakes- SUPER GOOD ON EVERYTHING!!!

I really love this pepper flake blend. It literally tastes good in EVERYTHING. I’m on my 4th bottle and will continue to purchase.

love the flavor

I absolutely love this pepper flake blend. It's amazing on pizza and we always get compliments when we have it on the dinner table with friends over. Its hard to find unique pepper flakes and now capsco is my go to! Highly recommend.

Michael Linschoten
Wonderful! Smokey and spicy!

I bought this on a whim because I use smoked paprika and cayenne in most of our savory dishes. We use this all the time. We went through our first bottle in less than two weeks! Love it!

Delicious, smoky heat. Great on virtually everything.

I'm not usually into spicy foods, and I had actually never purchased pepper flakes until I tried a Capsco sampling at a local farmers market (after one of the founders promised me this smoky blend wouldn't set my mouth on fire). Since then, I have been adding these smoky flakes to virtually everything I cook.

I love the smoky flavor and subtle bite of heat that Smoked Out adds to my scrambled eggs in the morning (where it has officially replaced my "everything but the bagel" seasoning). They've also been a great addition to grilled salmon, grilled chicken, and of course, burgers.

I feel like my food was boring until I found these--it's hard to imagine going back to cooking without them!

What are Pepper Flake Blends?

You’ve probably heard of chili flakes, those crushed up red chile peppers, the most common pepper being used usually being cayenne. CAPSCO pepper flake blends take those chili flakes to the next level by blending different varieties of chili peppers. Pepper Flake blends are incredibly versatile because they add heat without being overpowering in size. You only need a little bit to add a lot of flavor. You can sprinkle them on top of pizza, add them to pasta, or use them to enhance the flavor of a bowl of chili.  

How Do I Use Pepper Flake Blends? 

It's easy! You can add them as a final touch to a dish, like sprinkling them on top of a creamy pasta dish to add some spiciness. Or sprinkle on avocado toast or pizza, creating a burst of flavor in every bite.

Our pepper flake blends can also be incorporated as the foundation for enhancing and developing the taste of a dish. Just add them when you’re cooking your recipe, any dish, sauce or soup that you want to add spice, flavor and heat. The heat will develop and mix with other flavors over time.

There are countless possibilities for using chili flakes in your cooking, and the result is often a deliciously spicy flavor that elevates your dish to new heights.

Our Flakes Bring The Flavor

Chili flakes are a popular spice used in many dishes, and for good reason. Despite their small size, they pack a punch of flavor that can add depth and heat to any recipe.

Their subtle flavor won't overpower the taste of your dish but will rather complement it.

The spiciness of these flakes is relatively high when compared to other spices. Too much of the flakes can easily overpower the flavors of your dish, leaving it too spicy and difficult to enjoy.

A little goes a long way with these flakes, and it's best to use them sparingly until you get a feel for their potency.

Small Buy Mighty Chili Flakes

Crushed chili pepper flakes are small in size, making it hard to discern much from them individually. However, they bring an earthy and slightly fruity taste to a dish when used. This flavor is due to the drying process of the peppers and ultimately the process of pulverizing them into flakes.

The drying process concentrates the flavors of the peppers, making them more potent and flavorful. When the dried peppers are pulverized into flakes, their flavors are further released and dispersed, providing an even distribution of flavor.

You can use crushed red pepper flakes to elevate the flavor of your dishes and impress your guests with your culinary prowess.

Capsco Chili Flakes

At Capsco, we recognzie the incredible flavor and versatility of chili flakes. Whether you're sprinkling it on pizzas and pastas or adding it to soups and chilis, this spice is a must-have in any kitchen. That's why we're proud to offer our own high-quality chili flakes, and we encourage you to get your own bottle today and experience the deliciousness for yourself!