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The New Standard

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We obviously had to one-up the standard red pepper flake. So we added a twist--hence the savory and salty Urfa Biber pepper.


Red Cayenne Pepper, Red Jalapeno Pepper, Urfa Biber Pepper

  • Obvi Pizza & Pasta

    The savory and salty flavor of these flakes is a no brainer for us every time we are eating pizza or pasta.

  • Take Out

    You know how red pepper flakes are good on about anything? The Urfa Biber pepper in this blend adds a nice suble salty/savory flavor that you won't get with your standard red pepper flakes.

  • Vegetables

    Baked, steamed, or grilled vegetables go great with these. They add a touch of subtle heat and flavor that really complements vegetables nicely.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Hands down my new favorite staple in the kitchen! If you like just a little added heat, The Standard is the perfect blend. So far I’ve added it to breakfast potatoes, eggs, pasta, and popcorn (just to name a few)!

Janine Cournoyer

My new favorite product! Adds the perfect touch to pizza, avocado toast, or pretty much anything you like!

G Weeks
A Nice Amount of Spice

From omelettes to veggies The New Standard was an immediate replacement for generic “pepper flakes” and really brings out the best in my meals without breaking my heat tolerance.