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Shake. Sprinkle. Share.

The Zing Thing

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Inspired by American, Middle Eastern, and South American peppers, this blend brings the world together and packs some heat with a fruity tang.


Datil Pepper, Aleppo Pepper, Orange Habanero Pepper

  • Eggs

    I like to start my mornings with a little adrenaline rush. Sprinkle these on your eggs, whichever way you like them.

  • Spicy Honey

    Add honey into a pot, get it simmering, add some pepper flakes. Boom, now you have your own spicy honey.

  • Taco Night

    These are a great accompanyment to sprinkle on tacos, add an additional element to salsa. These add a subtle fruity/tangy flavor, giving you a great addition to our Smoked Out blend.

Customer Reviews

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Brett Epstein
I use them on everything!!

I put these flakes on everything! They’re great for spicing up pizza, pasta, soup, or leftovers and I love how they’re hotter than traditional pepper flakes. These are so versatile and have become the most used thing in my kitchen.

Alexandre Seixas Wedmore
Incredible flavor and right amount of heat

Have been using a little Zing on my eggs for a week now. Yesterday I used as a marinade (with olive oil) on some chicken breasts… I’m fully converted!

Flavor has nice depth of smokiness and tang - heat is hot but not overpowering. Really like that a few flakes go a long way.

This is head and shoulders above other “pepper flake” products I’ve tried in the past. Will be trying as a substitute for red pepper flakes on a white pizza later tonight!