• Rip

    Open your pouch and pull out one Spicy Cocktial Infuser.

  • Dip

    Place infuser into cocktail or mocktail of choice.

  • Sip

    Enjoy your drink–and probably repeat.

  • The Spicy Margarita

    A spicy marg is more than just a few pickled or fresh jalapenos sliced on the top. Our infusers let you customize the spice level of your drink in seconds.

  • Bloody Marys

    1) Place Classic Infuser in cup

    2) Add Ice

    3) Add vodka

    4) Add bloody mary mix or tomato juice

    5) Add bacon/celery/olives

  • Party Pitchers

    While our infusers work great for individual drinks, another popular use amongst our friends is to create their own infused pitchers of margaritas or liquors in minutes.